We Begin January 31 2020

The Creative Doer online course

Inviting all creatives, dreamers and magicmakers!

The Creative Doer online course is a practical, step-by-step journey towards the creative life of your dreams.

During our 9 weeks together, we focus on your life and your  dream. What’s the next right step for you? Take it.

But we also look beyond and beneath the doing to get clear on what’s keeping you stuck. No time, too exhausted, busy pleasing others, afraid of failure, lack of clarity, stuck in overwhelm?

We’ll find new, smoother ways to move forward.

Because I know you’re hungry to create, to contribute, to get into the arena. Not just talk and dream and plan, but DO.

Well, you can. You can find rock-solid faith in yourself as a creative doer. You can show up for yourself and your work, consistently, like it matters, (because it does). You can do this.

I’ve written a book and created this course to show you how, and I am ridiculously passionate about this work. The tools I share in The Creative Doer has transformed my life, hopefully they will transform yours too!

“I am sitting at my desk, early in the morning, writing. And it is thanks to you. I was stuck, but now I’m not. The Creative Doer is a powerful course – it is clear, beautiful, and the content is packed with profound wisdom.”

Maria Mankler. Sweden


How can we create from a place of ease and joy, instead of striving?

Most of us still rely on willpower to get things done, even in our creative work. We still strive and push our way forward.

Because that’s what we’ve been taught, right? We’re supposed to be Good Girls and Superwomen. We’re supposed to be productive,  do it all and never fail.

As artists, we’re told we need to push through fear, fight resistance, bleed on the page and conquer the work.

But what if I tell you there’s another way?

In this course, you’ll learn to approach your creative work differently – as a relationship. A friendship, even. A relationship that is mutual; you give your time and devotion, you feed the work, but the work also feeds you.

You’re no longer resisting your creative work, you’re dancing with it, creating magic together.

It becomes a source of energy and nourishment, something you long to dive into, not just another thing on your to-do list.



You’ll learn simple practices that will fill you up to the brim and allow you to overflow – and that overflow will spill into your work, your words, your art in a way that is as effortless as it is powerful.

We’ll devote ourselves to the art of overflowing.

And then we’ll see what happens when we create from that space. (Hint, some pretty radical stuff.)

“I would go as far as saying that The Creative Doer is the best course I have ever done. I love the depth of the course and this pairing with the practical aspects is so powerful. The course is helping change my thinking both on the big picture dream but also on the tangible day to day reality. I love this powerful dynamic and the way in which you are guiding us through it.”

Michelle McCartan, UK

“This course has been nothing short of life changing for me. Instead of the familiar feeling of dread when starting something new (or even thinking about starting something new), I actually feel excited, prepared and fully engaged. I have never ever had a plan quite like this one and it feels so good! The action of breaking my project up into bite sized pieces has allowed me to see where I am going for the very first time in my life. I have a map to help guide me to my destination. I feel as thought I can achieve what I have set out for myself. It is a revelation!”

Candi Giacchetti, UK

Former Creative Doer students have written books, launched blogs and businesses, made their first sales on Etsy, changed careers, fallen back in love with their painting practise and so much more.


What kind of course is this?

The content is based on the teachings in my book, The Creative Doer. It’s part transformational journey, part no-bullshit guide. Prepare to change.

What can I expect to get out of this course?

As we move through the lessons, you will leave behind what no longer serves you so that new, exciting things can grow in your life and work. You will create firm boundaries to help your creative energy flow rapidly in the right direction. You will gain clarity and start doing.

If you’ve longed for focused time to explore and grow your creative work, with the help of supportive structures, relevant teachings and likeminded sisters, this course is for you.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Get clear on what your true dream is.
  • Tap the power of co-creating with your dream instead of trying to push and force things into being.
  • Claim time and space for your work.
  • Map out a clear, doable path to your dream.
  • Rely on structure and flow instead of will power.
  • Do self-care in a way that will change your work and your life forever.
  • Share your work in a way that feels authentic and true for you.

Join 500+ students and go from dreaming to doing this year.



I know you’re busy, love. There’s the job and the kids and the friends and dinner needs to be made and you should probably work out more and the house doesn’t exactly clean itself. Ah yes, then there’s Instagram. And Netflix.

I know. And you try to squeeze that creative work in, somewhere. We strive and struggle and you know what? We miss out on so much of the magic this way.

There’s a creative power we can tap into when we’re relaxed and filled to the brim. There’s a synchronicity that comes into play when we are aligned with our work, inside and out.

You know this, right? You know how it feels when your creative juices are flowing and you’re doing the stuff you’re meant to do. That joy. That deep sense of meaning, being so grateful you’re about to overflow, being truly, fully you. You light up the world that way.

All that from committing to your creative work? Yes. All that and more. You know this. That’s what the longing in your heart is all about.

“This course has changed me, fundamentally. It has helped me stay the course not just in my creative work but in my whole life. I’ve learned to think long-term about my creative work, to handle fear and to acknowledge all the things I do instead of judging or criticizing myself. I’ve learned to be kind to myself.
Another thing I love is how open Anna is with herself and her own process – she walks her talk and that makes me trust her as a teacher. This course is an absolutely indispensible tool for every creative soul. If you have a dream, if you feel like yet another year has passed and you haven’t made it happen, take this course!

Anna Winberg Sääf, Sweden

Who is it for?

Any woman who is hungry for a more creative life. Really, all that’s required is a longing in your heart and a willingness to do the work. Whether you are in the midst of a creative project or are stuck in dreaming, you’ll find support, useful tools and reliable nourishment here.


Who is it NOT for?

Well, if you’re looking for quick fixes, this course is not for you. Probably not if you think using the word “energy” is too airy-fairy either.


How does the course work?

You’ll get an email once every week for nine weeks (with one week’s break in the middle to integrate and catch up). Every email contains a link to our course page where you can find this week’s content. During our nine weeks together, we will also meet for three live Q&A calls – one to start the journey, one in the middle, and one to wrap it all up. You can attend the calls live or you can listen to the recording afterwards. If you have questions in between the calls, you can post them in our private forum and I’ll be there to answer them. The forum is also a great place to connect with other course participants to find support and friendship on your journey.


How much time will I need to spend on the course work?

The purpose of this course is to get you going on YOUR OWN creative work, so I’ve purposely kept it slim and simple. Expect to spend about an hour on each lesson.


I’m not great with computers, will I manage the tech stuff?

You need to be able to open an email, click a link and download some files. That’s about as difficult as it will get here. And should you run into trouble, we’re here to help.


What if I don’t want to participate in discussions or live calls, or interact with other students?

That is absolutely fine (and I can relate, love). If you’ve got questions you want answered but don’t feel like attending the live calls, you can post them in the forum or email them to me before the live calls, and I will answer them for you.


How are the lessons paced?

We go through the material at a pace of one lesson a week, with one week’s break in the middle to integrate and catch up. But you get to download and keep all the course material, so if you need more time or if you want to revisit some of the lessons later, no worries. I encourage you to commit to a pace that works for you.


How is this course different from other creativity courses out there?

Well, according to many of my students, ”there’s nothing like it out there”. But here’s what I think: It guides you through the different stages of the creative process and teaches you how to deal with stuff that comes up along the way, in that sense it’s not so different from other courses. But what I find sets The Creative Doer apart is the strong focus on doing both the inside and the outside work. I won’t just teach you some tips and tricks and then send you on your way, because I know that unless you deal with what drives your striving or what keeps you stuck, pretty quickly you’ll find yourself striving and stuck again.

Also, I have a distinctly feminist approach to this topic. Where we come from, how we’re raised, our gender (and how we identify), our finances, the culture we live in – all these things affect us when we step into our work and share it in the world. Anyone who says otherwise is either lying or not telling the whole story (wich is sometimes just as bad). Knowledge is power. We’ll use that power to grow beyond whatever limitations are keeping us back.


Got more questions?

Email me at anna@annalovind.com. I’ll be delighted to hear from you, and I’ll help you sort out whether this course is a good fit for you or not. (I don’t want to waste your time or money.)


We begin on January 31, 2020


Wherever you are. This is an online course and you go through the lessons from the safety and comfort of your home, in your pj:s if you like.

The  cost includes:

  • 9 weeks of creative exploration in a group of committed women.
  • 8 workbooks
  • 3 live Q&A calls
  • Audio recordings of all chapters of The Creative Doer book
  • Guided meditations for you to use over and over again.
  • A private forum where you can connect with each other and ask any and all questions along the way.
  • Creative insights that will shake up your work and unleash your flow.
  • Friendships that will last a lifetime.

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1 Payment of $497 USD




“I can’t begin to express how grateful I am for this amazing, life-changing course! It is simple to follow and the content is life-altering. Anna speaks to the heart and asks “What do you want most?” and then walks us through whatever might stand in the way … fear, overwhelm, deep-rooted limiting beliefs.

I am making my creative work a priority and I am learning that everything else will fall into a natural, organic place. Showing up for my work first has somehow magically kept me energized when doing work for others! I did not expect that at all! I’ve had huge unexpected breakthroughs about fear, and I’m learning that anything that is good for ME & my energy is good for my business 🙂 I feel both calmed and empowered as I continue forward doing my heart’s work.”

Hillary Rain, usa

“When I started the course, I had very little time. My days revolved around my kids’ schedules and taking care of family, I was often stressed and never found the time to just stop and do something for myself. I had no energy for creative work.

But then, a couple of lessons in, I started to say no. I said no to everything, to family visiting, to activities. I started doing yoga! And now I keep a schedule for my creative work on the wall, next to our family planner. I have managed to make a realistic plan and I have energy to do my work!

I know I will revisit the lessons over and over, to learn more, listen deeper, get to know myself better. I have started living the lessons; live an active, creative life.”

Louise Tränk, sweden







“This course is so unique, with such an unusual level of depth available within it. Truly, there is nothing like it out there. I have moved through the course at a glacial pace not to reach the end too quickly! I have gained so much clarity. My creative work no longer feels like something I must conquer; now it feels like a companion, and a piece of life that I am in contact with: nourishing it and being nourished by it.”

Marie Pierre Hasne, USA

“This course is so much more than I could have hoped for! I love how clear and specific all the content is and how you manage to pinpoint all of our issues. As the years has gone by, I’ve had to become more and more practical in my everyday life, I feel that I have been suffocating my soul. My rational mind has talked me out of so many enjoyable (time wasting) pleasures like painting, drawing, photograpy, writing … time wasting because nothing practical was to come out of it. (I thought!). Now, as I go through the lessons, I can slowly start walking my own path again. Thanks to this course, my creative self will never again have to lose the battle with my rational mind.”

Aneta sandhu, UK

“I hope it feels good to know you have changed the world with your little course.”

sadie rose casey, Usa

“Since I began the course, many things have changed for me – I’ve been able to negotiate more space to dedicate to my work, and I’ve made my first few sales through my Etsy shop! I’ve gained more confidence in my ability to follow my heart’s work despite objections and expectations. I still struggle with fear and frustration sometimes, but I’m learning the tools to quiet them and re-connect with myself. I recommend this course as a calm space to grow without the pressure and noise of more traditional ‘business’ or ‘find your purpose’ courses. I know it will serve as a solid foundation for my path ahead.”

Jennifer Cockcroft, UK

“I love how it guided me through my jumble of half-formed ideas to create a coherent and workable plan. I’m suddenly experiencing all this movement in my creative life. It’s magical!”

Grace van Atkins, UK

“Oh my, how grateful I am for this course! I have been a photographer for a long time and it is going well but it has never felt really good, you know. Like hell yeah! I wanted to pour more soul in it, but there was this vague mist around the how and why etc. The Creative Doer gave me clarity about what it is that I want my work to be. And I love it! This is my dream job. This is my vision. I finally have it!
The course helped me so much that I completely went for it – and today I launched my new website! Haven’t even gotten around to the last lesson yet, because all of a sudden work started streaming in and I am busier than ever – I even hired an assistant for this wedding-season!”

Mariet mons, netherlands

I’m Anna Lovind. Writer, editor and creativity teacher.


I’ve helped thousands of creatives to get going and keep going on their dream projects, whether it is writing a book or starting their own business. I’m also a mother of two, a happy introvert, and a fierce believer in the power of creative women supporting each other to make shit happen. Teaching The Creative Doer is my favourite part of my work.

Want to know the two most important things I’ve learned from two decades of creative work?


  • We can’t have it all. Let’s drop that cumbersome ambition once and for all. But we can have what’s most important to us. And we can have it without sacrificing our peace of mind (in fact, if we sacrifice our peace of mind, we can’t have it). I know that for sure.


  • The level of creative fulfilment and success I enjoy stands in direct proportion to the amount of ease and flow I can allow into my life and my work. Relaxation, not striving, is the secret passway. Kindness, not pushing, opens the door.


Make no mistake, discipline is needed here too. Moving your dream from idea and vision into shape and form takes committed work. But it’s your true work, your heart’s work, and done the right way, it will energize you rather than drain you. Realizing that changed everything for me.

From there I’ve created a life in which my creative expression has top priority. I’ve built a successful business doing work I love. I write, I create, I mentor other creatives, and I make a living doing it.

And in the midst of it all, there are children to raise, homes to take care of, health issues, financial challenges, love and loss and the whole glorious mess of our everyday lives.

Let’s face it, life is not neat and tidy. We all have our stories and challenges, and building a successful creative life means taking this into account. It means making it all work together, in a way that feels good, kind and spacious.

I’m thrilled to invite you to take this journey with me.


Claim your spot! Registration is now closed


1 Payment of $497 USD



“This is exactly what I was yearning for and it’s been a huge help as I’m putting my dream into practice. I truly can’t even find the words to convey how much this course has nurtured my spirit and my creative life. Everything from committing to radical self-care, to connecting with other women who believe in me and my work, to modifying my work schedule and family’s demands to cultivate my own creative time.
I used to perceive my creative work as something on the side, like I dabbled in a bunch of creative things but never finished anything. Now I understand that this work is long term and worthwhile. Thanks to the wisdom and tools you’ve shared, I’m now much better equipped to walk my own path.

Stacey hare hodgins, canada

“What a journey it has been! A journey home to myself. I never saw myself as a creative before, but now I know I have such a longing to create! Thank you so much for opening the door for me. You’ve given me a permission slip and a whole new world has opened up.”

Tina Dauzat DeSoto, USA

“I allow myself time for creativity now. I was under the impression that I didn’t have time, but I found out that I do. It’s been a real eye-opener. I’ve been doing so many things I don’t really want, and this course made me see it is ok to let them go. I make up less excuses and just say no.
And your approach to fear has been pretty life changing! It is a lot gentler than the things I hear other people say about fear, and your insights on this topic has been incredibly helpful for my creative process but also for my daily life. Your humanity shines through all the course material and it allows me to accept myself as “only” (or luckily) human too. Thank you!”

Kim Roelofs, Netherlands