Over the 7 years that I’ve taught The Creative Doer online course, more than 750 people have participated.

– Some have loved it for showing them that who they are and how they function is perfectly ok, and that they can do their work their way instead of struggling to follow someone else’s blueprint.

– Some have loved it for helping them slow down enough to hear guidance, some for how it has taught them to cultivate courage and move through fear.

– Some have been (beautifully) bowled over by the power of co-creating with their dreams.

– Some have sighed with relief from having their experience as a creative woman trying to grow and thrive in a patriarchal society mirrored and taken seriously.

– For some, the course was the little nudge that finally got them going, for others it’s been a tectonic shift, opening up whole new worlds of possibilities.

Most have loved it for the way it helped them make a dream happen – and even more so for showing how to do it without burning out in the process.

It has taught a lot of people – including myself – how to tend to our real needs and fuel ourselves and our work properly. It has allowed us to reach deeper and grow wilder as creatives and as humans.

I love The Creative Doer for all of this and more and I’ve been protective of the process, the wholeness of the journey through the lessons and the way they build on each other.

But what I’ve come to realise is that even if the course is a whole and all the lessons work together, we only ever learn what we’re ready to learn, what is relevant for us given where we are right this moment in time.

So I’m letting the lessons loose 🙂

In the next few months, I will be teaching each lesson as a stand alone workshop and I’ll leave it to you to choose which lessons are for you right now. Trust the pull of your heart.

Learn more and register for the workshops here!

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