up all night


Because creativity is about freedom. Freedom to face the unknown. To not conform. To not hold back. To claim your space.

Because in a world where girls and women are taught to be afraid of men – and have reasons to be afraid – there is no freedom. No space and no adventure.

Because a woman who is afraid is handicapped. She is a caged animal who, at best, paces along the fence, eyes locked on the wide expanse of land beyond her reach. Who, at worst, gets used to captivity and starts calling it safety.

Because even though she stays behind the fence, she is not safe. And when the attack comes, she can not defend herself. The instincts of a caged animal are numbed. Her claws cut.

Because what keeps the wounds open and a woman silent is the shame she is expected to shoulder when someone has attacked her body.

I do not accept that shame.

It is not mine. Not yours, either.

Because shame leads to silence. The raped girl is expected to become silent. To shrink and forget that she has a brave heart and magnificent desires. To forget everything she (still) has to offer.

Because her voice is needed. Desperately. Her experience and her scars. Her knowing gaze upon the world. Her instinctive aversion to the bitter and spiteful debate.

Because the violence against girls and women is a war, and we cannot solve it by starting another one.

Because in a world where girls and women are brought up afraid of men, there is no freedom for men either. Only roles, to accept or refuse. Roles for little people, capable of little things. Small citizens in a poor world where girls and women’s bodies are battlefields instead of sources of creative power.

Because we need creative power. We need boundless courage and new thoughts. We need each other’s courage. Women’s and men’s. We need an outstretched hand. Our most naked vulnerability.

Because that’s what it takes.

Because vulnerability is pure, unbridled strength, and I want to live in a world of unbridled women. Where our adventures are not cut short by fears – our own and other’s – and our reach is beyond imagining.

Because I think the beauty of that world would break our hearts. (The good way.)

Because the creative power that lies dormant in damaged and fearful women is massive. Explosive. Frightening, for those who does not want their worldview shaken.

I want my worldview shaken.

Because it is about freedom.

Creativity is about freedom.


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