Mentoring Sessions

The support you need to go deeper and further with your creative work

What if this was a love story?

What if your relationship to your work was sweet, juicy and committed, and kept you coming back for more

What if you could bring your whole self, exactly as you are, to this relationship, and have it fuel and feed into everything you create

What if, even when doubt hits, you could lean into a bone-deep knowing and trust in the process

Our mentoring sessions are all about leaning in and relaxing into the creative process. They’re about finding ways to support yourself more fully, finding your own pace and rhythm and allowing yourself to move with it, allowing it to be easier, jucier, so that you can fall back in love with your work instead of constantly wrestling it.

Because creative work is not about “getting it done”, it’s about co-creating with the aliveness within you. It’s most definitely a love story. Or, it can be.

And maybe it’s not your lack of willpower, lack of clarity, structure or any of that that keeps you from doing the work you want. Maybe it’s that you don’t trust yourself – or your work – so you’re trying to follow a process that doesn’t work with your energy and your life, making it so much harder than it needs to be. Maybe you haven’t figured out how to do it your way – or what that even means. (Your way = the smoothest, most joyful way.)

Maybe you just need some support to start doing it differently.

"Anna mentors with compassion and wisdom. She listens deeply. As she helps me excavate, I get the sense that she’s honestly pulling at the tough bits right along with me. Anna consistently brings insights that helps me recognize, understand and trust my creativity. She brings courage and humor too, loads of both. Supported in this daring yet playful energy, I’ve established a regular writing practice. I own my identity as a creative. I’m working on a project that I was blocked on for many years. I have developed a healthier and sustainable creative life that I didn’t know could exist like this. Thanks, Anna, for lighting the way! For showing that I can and do belong to myself!"

Cheng-Ling Chen

About the sessions

During our sessions we can work on a particular project you want help with, or we can focus on deepening and rewilding your creative practice more broadly, working with fear that shows up, accessing more clarity, exploring new aspects of yourself as a creative and making sure you and your work are congruent – whatever you need to grow and flow, we’ll address it.

I will help you stay accountable to your dream and to yourself, support you in your process and your practice, help you course correct when needed and be your sounding board and guide. My 20+ years of experience of creative work and of guiding people through it is yours to draw upon.

What it will look like

Because this work goes deep and real change takes time, you will commit to 6 session taking place fortnightly over 12 weeks.

We meet on Zoom every other week for a 50 min session, and in between our sessions I’m available for support and follow up via email or Voxer.

After our sessions you will …

  • Have made real progress with your work
  • Know how to support yourself and meet your needs in a way that makes a difference
  • Understand how to lean into the co-creative process
  • Have cultivated a deeper connection to your intuition

Booking is now closed for 2024

1 payment of $1250 USD

3 payments of $420 USD

This is a non-refundable purchase so be mindful about your decision. If you have questions, get in touch at [email protected]  I’m happy to help you figure out if this is for you or not.

Anna x

Anna Lovind is a feminist writer who believes in women’s creative freedom and the power of our voices and stories. Anna left a career as an editor at a major publishing house, moved to the deep forests of Sweden and set out to build a business that supports her own and other women’s pursuit of a meaningful and sustainable creative life.

Since then, she has published her book The Creative Doer – A Brave Woman’s Guide from Dreaming to Doing, she has coached bestselling authors, helped launch solo entrepreneurs into orbit, and guided creatives from all over the world to go from dreaming to doing through her courses and workshops.

“Working with you helped me immensely. Not only did it give me the courage to follow my heart, but helped me prepare for everything that comes along with it. When I face challenges, I can return to all the things we talked about, and I do so daily. Pure gold. Thank you!”

 Maria Telenius


“Our sessions have meant so much to me. The challenges, the new perspectives, the piercing questions have been a pain! – but also helpful and comforting, and I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.

I can’t say that I always liked it, because it was tough, but I learned so much. The one most important thing was to let go of control, to stop trying to control things that is not in my power to control, and to question my age-old beliefs about how life needs to be for me to feel good. It’s been game-changing for me. Lifechanging. Thank you!”

Therese Erikson


”After our sessions, I feel like a star-catcher. So many stars. So many insights and new perspectives. It’s amazing how you always say exactly the right things – the things I most need to hear. It’s like magic to me.”

Nathalie Schmid


“I’m so grateful I got to make this journey with you. You’ve helped me bring my creativity back to life, structure my thoughts, and got me making active decisions again.
Big changes has happened in my life, in a way I could never have imagined. I’ve gone on a long trip without my kids, decided to go back to school again, learning a profession I love, and I’ve bought a dog! Big changes in my world!
I’ve found my way back to my creative self. A million thanks!”

Andrea Önnermark


“You’re like a more experienced big sister, a loving guru, and a laser sharp business coach – all in one amazing woman!
After our very first session, I felt a deep calm, as if I’d landed in myself. Working with you helped me trust that I don’t need to stress and push to get where I need to go. I also know a lot more about where I want to take my business. I got exactly the help I needed at this point in my life!”

Anna Lindh