A year-long journey for women and femmes who desire a truer, more connected and creative life

Go slower, root deeper, grow wilder

We are inviting you into a coven of healers, seers, creatives, feminists and witchy folks. We’ll spend one year in circle together, anchoring into the rhythms of the seasons, the wisdom of our bodies and the truths we long to express.

In this year, we’ll learn what is needed for this truer, wilder life to emerge and we will make this our practice.

We’ll walk through seasons of dreaming, sowing, growing, harvesting and completion, both inner and outer.

We’ll look at what it means to embody our values and live the change we want to see in the world.

We’ll return to connection, to ourselves, each other and the natural world.

WILD [wahyld] adjective: Free, untamed, unbroken, undomesticated, lush, fierce, natural, raw

This journey is a returning home to the wilder places within us.

The places inside that are untouched by cultural conditioning and oppressive stories. The places where the grass grows wild and our inner guides and elders gather around bonfires to share their wisdom and deep truths with us.

We can learn to listen to that wisdom. We can lean into it and start orienting our lives from it.

We are taught to cover up our wild Self. To mask our needs, desires and our vulnerability to come across like we are on top, like we are winning. But our wild Self does not want to win. She wants to *feel* Alive.

You already know her

She is the one who moves to the heartbeat of nature, who is not ashamed of her deep desires and who meets her needs unapologetically. She is the one who knows where to find sustenance, who knows how to make things grow, who knows softness and isn’t afraid to surrender to it, who knows power and isn’t afraid to wield it, whose instincts are sharp and whose heart is as fierce as it is warm.

She is the one who is intensely alive.

Remember feeling alive?

WILDER is a reorientation towards Sacred Aliveness in a culture that rewards numbness and disconnection

Because when we are connected to this aliveness – this wildness within, we are resourced and rooted and able to do life beautifully, radically, deliciously different.

Come, let’s step away from the pace of so called modern life and root into something slower and juicier. Let’s explore a cyclical life, a connected life, a deeply, wildly creative life, and do so in circle with likeminded souls.

What we’ll explore:

-We’ll start paying attention to the rhythms of nature and see what happens when we let these rhythms influence our lives.

-We’ll give ourselves time and space to get to know the language of our body, learning what truth *feels* like in our bodies.

-We’ll ground our voices and our work into our bodies and into the greater body of the Earth, and learn to source power and nourishment right where we stand

-We’ll dive into the stories we carry, the stories in our bones and blood, the stories of the wild self, and listen to what wants to be expressed. We’ll also look at the stories of our culture and ways dismantling and re-write them

-We’ll nurture a deeper relationship to creativity and let it show in all aspects of our lives.

-We’ll notice and follow the moon to help us lean into the cyclical nature of all things and unlearn the linear thinking of our capitalist society

-We’ll use the wheel of the year as a tool to anchor ourselves in the changing seasons

-We’ll lean into the support of the circle, leaving behind the idea that we’re supposed to do this alone.

What we won’t be doing:

Add more things to your to-do list.

This is not a course and there won’t be any workbooks or piles of reading to do. You will not end up behind and overwhelmed.

WILDER is ultimately about unlearning

This unlearning takes commitment. It takes patience, gentleness and a willingness to be with discomfort. It takes reminders and remembering and we need support on the journey.

But all you are really required to do is show up.

Our hope is that our gatherings will feed you and leave you fuelled and filled up

Who it’s for:

WILDER is for those who long for a slower, more rooted way of life.

It’s for those who know that there is still magic and mystery in this world for those who know how to see it.

It’s for those who want to know what it would feel like to be deeply connected and supported, and what we would be able to create from there.

It’s for the dreamers, the divergents, the intense ones, shy ones, messy ones, the too-much or not-enough ones.

Those who’ve never been able to fit into the box. (We aren’t the problem, the culture we’re being asked to adapt to is the problem.)

Let’s explore the possibility that there is another way

What if we gave up proving ourselves to the world? What if we trusted ourselves, fully, and went for what we truly crave? What if we slowed down, and then slowed down some more?  What would rise to the surface? What might be dreamed into reality?

Our three anchor points

Slowing down

Slowing down enough for us to hear ourselves, feel ourselves, remember ourselves, wake up from the trance and refuse the pace of our dominant culture.


Reconnecting with ourselves, our bodies and the body of the Earth. Reconnecting with each other and lean into community, as well as into the wisdom of our guides and elders.


This is about expression and creation in the broader sense, as the expression of ourselves, our truths, as the creation of a life that is ours, as well as the creation of our work and our dreams.

About our circle:


Monthly full moon Wisdom Live Calls
Anna and Lise share their teachings about the themes of the season, as well as guided embodiment practices exploring these themes. There will also be space for sharing and questions.


Monthly new moon Community Circle
These calls are all about the circle. We come together, share our process and ask for witnessing and support, we listen to each other and explore ways to integrate the wisdom teachings into our lives.


Quarterly rituals
Four times in our year together, at the equinoxes and solstices, we gather in ritual to mark the shift of the seasons as well as the changes we’ve gone through on our journeys.


Supportive bonus offerings like a meditation, an audio, or collected thoughts on one of the themes of the season, to help us integrate and deepen our practice.


A community space (Mighty Networks) to connect with each other between calls

Dates and times:

We meet on Zoom on Sundays, at 7pm CET / 1pm EST for the community circle calls and at 4pm CET / 10am EST for the wisdom calls. Each call is about 2 hours. The wisdom calls will be recorded in case you miss one, but the community circle calls will not be recorded as we want to safeguard a sense of safety and intimacy when we share with each other.

5 – full moon + start up call
19 – new moon + community circle

5 – full moon + wisdom call
19 – Equinox ritual

9 – full moon + wisdom call
23 – new moon + communicty circle

7 – full moon + wisdom call
21 – new moon + community circle

4 – full moon + wisdom call
18 – Solstice ritual 

2 – full moon + wisdom call
16 – new moon + community circle
30 – full moon + wisdom call

13 – new moon + community circle

3 – full moon + wisdom call
17 – Equinox ritual

1 – full moon + wisdom call
15 – new moon + community circle
29 – full moon + wisdom call

12 – new moon + community circle
26 – full moon + wisdom call

17 –  Solstice ritual

14 – new moon + community circle
28 – full moon and closing

We were never meant to do this alone.

In our hyperindividulized society we’re celebrated when we make it “on our own”. That story is not just a lie (no one makes it “on their own”), it causes real harm and it keeps us stuck in overwhelm and isolation.

We need each other.

What if that wasn’t a shameful admission but instead an opening? Let’s lean into it. Let’s explore the power of walking together in community; the depth and growth that can only come when we are witnessed, held and fully supported by each other.

Claim your seat in the circle

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On mutuality

When we teach, we’re all in from our first gathering all the way through to the closing circle. We promise that we will always bring our whole selves and our most relevant teachings born from decades of lived experience.

We ask that you be all in, too.

That you commit to the process and the sisterhood.

Seats in the circle are limited, and when you join that seat is yours from start to finish.

This also means that there are no refunds or cancellations. We want to make the circle as doable as possible, which is why we offer the option to pay monthly. But it isn’t a month-to-month commitment, you’re responsible for paying for the circle in full.

We’re all in + you’re in all, beginning to end. That’s how we create a safe and powerful space for all of us.


How do I know if this is right for me?

If you feel a pull to join after reading through this page, you can probably trust that feeling. But we get it, it’s a big investment, if you need more help we’re happy to talk it through with you and help you reach the right decision. Get in touch with either [email protected]  or [email protected] and we’ll hop on a quick call!

Is this a course or a membership or what?

Neither! It’s a year-long circle. Our focus is on the bi-weekly gatherings, rather than on workbooks or lessons. And when you join, you commit to participating in the circle for the full year, with this particular group of people.

How big is this circle, will I be able to get to know the other participants?

Seats are limited, as we want to keep this circle intimate and personal and make sure that everyone is seen and heard when we gather. Plus, in between our gatherings we have a community space where we can stay connected. Expect to leave this year with 20+ new friends.

What is the time commitment if I join?

We gather about every other week on the Sunday closest to the new and full moon (scroll up for the exact dates and times). Each call will be between 90 minutes and 2 hours. That’s the primary time commitment. Then there is a community space where we can connect and meet between the gatherings, and there might be things you want to bring into your daily lives, things to take action on, things to try etc. but that is entirely up to you and what time and resources you have available.

I don't live in the northern hemisphere, will the teachings still be relevant?

A lot of what we teach and touch upon will still be relevant, as will the community connection part. But our teachings, especially those related to the wheel of the year, will follow the seasons of the northern hemisphere.

Do you have a money back guarantee if it's not a fit?

No, we don’t. When you say yes to this circle, you say yes for the full year commitment. We have limited spots available and we need you to be fully invested when you sign up, even if you choose the monthly payment option. So read the information on this page thoroughly, learn more about Anna’s and Lise’s work, and if you need some help to reach the right decision for you, we’re happy to get on a call with you. Just send an email to [email protected]  or [email protected] and we’ll find a time for it.

Registration for WILDER 2023 is now closed

1 Payment of $2100 USD


12 Payments of $175 USD


We have partial scholarships available. Send an email to [email protected] to learn more. We need your application before January 15th.

Cancellation policy

This purchase is a non-refundable investment, so be mindful about your decision.

If you need help figuring out if it’s right for you before you hit join, we get it, it’s a big commitment! Just send us an email at [email protected] or [email protected]  and we’ll be happy to sort it out with you, either on a quick call or via email.



1st quarter. February – april

The Seed

We start while it’s still cold outside and the light has not yet fully returned. Instead of rushing into what’s next, as New Year’s celebrations encourage us to do, we will take it slow and get some real clarity on what kind of seeds we want to sow this season.

Themes: Tending to the inner garden, holding space and creating conditions for new growth. Slowly moving towards the light, staying the path and trusting in the process, trusting the timing of everything.

Archetypes: Maiden, Virgin Goddess, the Huntress

Element: Water

Embodiment practice: We will be moving with and exploring the fertile soil within, looking at what it means to tap into inner resources. We will ground into intuition, inner knowing and our core values as a foundation for our life and creative processes.

2nd quarter. May – July

The Bloom

As the world outside shifts into deep green and sunlight brings everything into focus, we explore what our seedlings – as well as we, ourselves! – need in order to bloom. What is longing to become visible? What wants to be expressed?

Themes: Trusting our desires as well as our power to act on them. Surrender to the intensity of becoming. Leaning into excitement, pleasure, warmth, bloom. Taking a stand, knowing our yes and our no.

Archetypes: Mother, Lover, Earth Goddess, Warrior

Element: Fire

Embodiment practice: As we root into the wilder places within us we will explore our connection to our body and to sparks of excitement as a tool for energetic sustainability. From an embodied perspective we will feel into and honour our boundaries and how they can support us.


3rd quarter. August – October

The Harvest

As summer fades, we bring in the harvest and celebrate all the things we’ve birthed and grown. And equally important, we let go of and grieve the things that didn’t come to completion. It’s a season of gathering and sharing the good we’ve created before we head into the slower, darker time of the year.

Themes: Sovereignty, deep alignment and celebration. Holding space for completion and grief as well as gratitude.

Archetypes: Queen, Witch, Maga

Element: Air

Embodiment practice: We will move with and explore the harvest themes of celebration and gratitude. Together we will look at how to integrate the gifts of this season while we also honour our grief and hold gentle space for what we let go of or what was not to be. We root into the wildness within and get ready for the descent into darkness.

4th quarter. November – january

The Soil

The veil is thinning and we’re moving towards darkness. Everything in the natural world slows down and we slow with it. This is the season of the pause, the dark womb of the year. The old is being composted and the new has not yet come into being.

Themes: Death, the void, the in between. Trusting in the cyclicity of life (new life will sprout, in time). Turning within for guidance, dreaming in the dark. Allowing the time for things to compost in order to nurture the soil for what’s next.

Archetypes: Crone, Dark Goddess, Mystic, Visionary.

Element: Earth

Embodiement practice: In this season we will move with and explore rest and re/grounding into the body and the stillness within. We will tend our inner flame, as we slow down with the season and allow ourselves to rest and practice deep listening, while we are waiting for the light to return.


Meet your guides

Lise Lønsmann is a trauma-informed somatic inner child healing facilitator, a somatic practitioner, and an intuitive movement guide. The foundation of her somatic healing work is reconnecting with the body and the inner world and starting a gentle conversation with both.

Through gentle somatic practices she guides her clients to tap into their body’s wisdom and explore how they relate to themselves, to others, and to the world, so they can slowly start healing inner wounds. She approaches embodiment and healing work with patience, gentleness, non-judgement, and a focus on community and self-support.

Lise is based in Aarhus, Denmark.

Anna Lovind is an eco-feminist writer who believes in the power of our voices and stories. Anna left a career as an editor at a major publishing house, moved to the deep forests of Sweden and set out to build a life and a business that supports her own and other women’s pursuit of a meaningful and sustainable creative life (and quickly found that the wilderness surrounding her was instrumental in this process).

Since then, she has published her book The Creative Doer – A Brave Woman’s Guide from Dreaming to Doing and guided creatives from all over the world to go from dreaming to doing through her courses and workshops.

Anna lives with her two daughters, three cats and a dog in rural Sweden.

We came together to create WILDER because it’s something we long for ourselves. We long to step away from the pace of so called modern life and root into something slower and juicier. To explore a cyclical life, a connected life, a deeply, wildly creative life, and to do so in circle with likeminded souls. We hope you’ll join us in this exploration.

Registration for WILDER 2023 is now closed

1 Payment of $2100 USD


12 Payments of $175 USD


We have partial scholarships available. Send an email to [email protected]  to learn more. We need your application before January 15th.

Cancellation policy

This purchase is a non-refundable investment, so be mindful about your decision.

If you need help figuring out if it’s right for you before you hit join, send us an email at [email protected] or [email protected]  and we’ll be happy to sort it out with you, either on a quick call or via email.