In search of a simpler life


I’ve been in a process of simplifying my life for the last few years. I’ve let go of stuff, careers, people, habits, thoughts and all that overwhelm that used to dominate my everyday life.

I have less of that now, but still, it seems a hunger is awakened in me. A deep deep desire, that I’ve just started to tap into.

I want even less. I want simpler.

I’ve learned to say no. I say no to so much these days, you wouldn’t believe it. Over the last three and a half years, since we decided to leave the city and have our second baby, I’ve said no to speaking gigs, leading workshops, giving sessions, coaching writers, big beautiful book projects; I’ve said no to exciting travels, to parties, to weddings, to hanging out; I’ve said no to buying new clothes, to renovating the kitchen, to shiny magazines, to television, to social media.

Honestly, sometimes it amazes me that there’s anything left. But there is. There’s plenty. The more I let go of, the clearer one thing becomes to me. I talked to a friend about it the other day. I said:

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Praying like a madwoman


“I used to believe that prayer changes things, but now I know that prayer changes us and we change things.”

Mother Theresa

Prayer is a controversial word in some camps. Simply because it suggests religion. Or because it suggests that the divine is outside of you, and that you need to speak in a certain, formalized way to get (his) attention. Or because it’s considered a childish, or even desperate, way to relate to the divine. You know, clasping your hands tight and pleeding to God to give you what you want.

I suppose it could be like that. Or it could be something entirely different.

It could be the most direct, intimate connection that you’ll ever experience. Connection with whom? You. The divine within and without. Life. It could be a gentle shift into truth and wholeness. It could be the most sincere and radical act of surrender.

When everything else falls away, when I can’t bring myself to meditate or adhere to any kind of structure, I can still pray. Because it’s dead simple. There’s nothing there for resistance to grab hold of. Just a moment of me closing my eyes, taking a deep breath and speaking my way back to my heart.

Zero formality. One hundred percent sincerity.

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The unexpected gifts of stepping outside of your comfort zone


I’m not big on the push-through-your-fear discourse. For most of us, trying to power our way through fear does more harm than good.

It’s very simple, really. Fear makes us freeze up, physically, emotionally and certainly creatively. We tighten. And when we tighten, flow is restricted.

And we don’t ever want to restrict flow. Not as creatives, not as lovers, not as human beings.

The pushing might move us forward, but what we create won’t flow. It won’t be juicy and alive and brilliant, and it won’t feel good doing it.

So what’s the alternative? If we’re not supposed to push through fear, and we don’t want to cave in to it, how do we do it? Because we all know that basically everything we want in life – deep love, creative flow, spiritual breakthroughs, business growth – lies just outside of our comfort zones.

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Wise Women Q&A, with Michelle McCartan and Anna Lovind

I was interviewed by my darling friend and fellow creative doer, Michelle McCartan, for her Wise Women series, and it was one of those good talks, where truths are told and wisdom flows. We talked about so many important things – the path from self hatred to self love, the challenges of being an introvert in today’s busy society, and wtf your legacy in this world is actually supposed to be – and since I know these are issues you deal with too, I want to share it with you. Click the image below to listen.


Screenshot 2016-04-23 09.23.12



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