The safest possible route



When we talk about following our hearts, we often talk about it as something exciting but potentially dangerous. The road less travelled. Good luck, if you’re heading out on that journey (you’ll need it!), friends and family say as they wave us off, before returning to safety.

And by safety we usually mean the job and the house. The stuff. The marriage. The paycheck. All the things we can predict and thus rely on. Even though nothing is predictable like that.

Businesses fail. Houses burn down to the ground along with everything we own. Marriages end. A beloved person’s heart stops beating. We crash the car and our bodies never recover.

And we don’t get a say.

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The most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard

by the water

People come to me because they have a longing in their heart. I want more, they say. I long for deeper meaning / connection / joy / creativity. I crave a simpler life. I so desperately need more rest.

And then the inevitable follow up:

But I don’t have time. I don’t have time to follow my dream. I don’t have time to find out what would give my days more meaning and joy. I don’t have time to practice my creative work. I don’t have time to take a step back to see the big picture.

And I don’t have time to rest.

That last one is starting to get to me. Not just because you use it, but because I find myself using it too, and because living by it has such serious consequences. In fact, I don’t have time to rest might be what robs us of all those other things we say want (more creativity, more joy etc.)

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What we are called to do when our hearts are breaking


This summer has been hard on our hearts. I know I’m not the only one feeling it. Every week, every day almost, some new atrocity. Some new killing of the innocent. People fleeing and drowning. Children suffering the brutal consequences of adult madness.

I watch it happen from my relatively safe corner of the world and find myself grasping for something tangible. What can I do? And as the death rate goes up and one tragic event is followed by another, there’s that sensation of drowning. Of hopelessness. How could I possibly make a difference in the face of such violence?

I know your heart is breaking. So is mine. Let it break. Right now it seems like the only sane response to what is happening. To allow the breaking to happen, the tears, the feeling so utterly lost, and just admit that some days it’s all more than we can bear.

Then we must find a way to bear it. But not all of it. Just our part.

I read a few lines in Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh that stopped me in my tracks.

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Five favourite resources for a lush, creative life this summer



  • Last summer I attended Japaneese artist Meera’s course Awakening of Creativity at Baravara center, and it was one of the juiciest creative experiences I’ve ever had. Painting with my hands (no previous experience required), meditating, exploring the power of masculine and feminine energies in our creative work, and so much more. I think they still have a few seats available.

  • Right now, I’m doing the last lesson of Hillary Rain’s beautiful online course Inkstains & Alchemy, about the radical act of loving your body, as is. It addresses the challenges of living with overweight, but most of it simply speaks to any woman who’s ever struggled with not feeling at home in her own skin (pretty much all of us, in other words). My own challenges has to do with chronic pain as well as the long term effects of trauma in my body and psyche, and this course has opened the door to new, deeper layers of healing for me. More love for myself and my body = more lush freedom. I deeply recommend it (and right now, Hillary is offering it at a bargain price, so if you feel the nudge go check it out at once.

  • I’m currently not offering one-on-one mentoring sessions except to participants of The Creative Doer, but I’ll happily refer you to my friend and fellow lightworker Michelle McCartan. As a coach, Michelle’s special skill is to guide women home to themselves – to their hearts and bodies, their passions, their true work. Whenever I get off the phone (or Skype, actually) after speaking with Michelle, I feel inspired, calm and grounded. I trust her completely and so will you.

  • I’m working on a new lesson for The Creative Doer, about money and creativity, and I can tell you already that it’s going to be good. But if you’re impatient or feel like you need to give your relationship to money a complete makeover, I always recommend Denise Duffield-Thomas’s course Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp It focuses on the one thing that makes a lasting difference when it comes to dealing with money – our mindset.  (And yes, it’s pricey, but the ROI can be quite spectacular, if you’re up for the work.) I firmly believe that getting into right relationship with money can be the most empowering thing a woman can do.

  • Kylian Martin is one of my Aussie friends and a great inspiration for me when it comes to the art of resting. She specialises in Nervous System Repair and calls herself a Rest Revolutionary (I mean, that alone!). She’s preparing to release a course that I think will be truly revolutionary, but in the mean time, sink into this beautiful calming meditation.



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