She asked me about feeling too old to go for her dream – feeling that it was too late for her. She was 45, just 3 years older than me, and her question felt so damn urgent.

Who taught us women that it’s too late for us when we reach middle age? Who taught us that we become irrelevant as we age? Who sold us the idea that the most important thing for us to aspire to is to be likeable + fuckable (and fuckable means eternally young)?

Truth is, when we transition out of youth and into full maturity, we become dangerous. We become disruptive. We’ve seen through the empty promises, we’ve had enough and we’ll suffer no fools. And that’ll begin to show in our choices and actions. That’s when we can step into our full power as Creators.

All the energy we used to waste on pleasing others is now channeled into creating real change, creating life not from our wombs anymore but from our roots. And those roots go DEEP. They reach into the fucking centre of everything and they’ll have us breathe fire.

No wonder they fear us.

(This is a clip from a Q&A call in The Creative Doer online course)

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