1. What do you want less of in your life?


2. What do you avoid by staying busy?


3. Where in life do you hold back?


4. Is your life sustainable? If things would stay like this forever, would you be ok with that? If not, what needs to change?


5. How do you get things done in your life? Does your motivation come from within (enthusiasm) or without (approval seeking, prestige, duty)?


6. Who do you admire? Why? What do you and this person have in common?


7. What inspires you deeply?


8. What are you willing to be a spokesperson for?


9. What needs to be healed?


10. When you overgive, what is it that you’re hoping to get in return?


11. If you had to choose one (only one) creative dream to focus on for the next three years, what dream would it be?


12. Do you have a morning ritual that feels good? If you were to create one now, what would it consist of?


13. How do you relax deeply?


14. If you were given an extra hour each day, how would you use it?


15. What nourishes your body?


16. What result would make it worth it?


17. What is one thing you could do to make life simpler?


18. Do you rest as much as you need to? If not, why?


19. What do you long to let go of?


20. If your job title wasn’t tied to what you make money from, what would it be?


21. What is sacred to you? How can you honour it in your everyday life?



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