♦ Clarity comes with the willingness to listen.

♦ Your talent might be just a whisper at this point. A quiet urge in a certain direction. Nourish it.

♦ Give yourself permission.

♦ Seek out what delights you.

♦ Keep showing up. Make yourself available for your work.

Your life shapes itself around whatever you focus your attention on. There is great power in that.

♦ Only passion is not enough. Only skill is not enough. It is when the two meet that magic happens.

♦ There will always be more to learn. Go ahead and start anyway.

♦ Fear doesn’t mean you should turn back, only that you’re outgrowing your old boundaries.

♦ Give yourself what you need to feel safe enough to move forward.

♦ Get clear on what it costs you to fight your own longing.

♦ When ignored for too long, our dreams and desires go from conscious longing to unconscious ache.

♦ The only way forward is to start. Now.

♦ As long as you keep creating, the well keeps filling.

♦ Choose your creative life, again and again

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