Is this what my life is going to be like? Is this really how I wanted it to be?

Maybe it’s not the first time you’ve questioned your choices in life, but something is different this time.

Maybe you’ve come to the conclusion that you’re on the wrong track. Maybe you’ve even gotten off the train and now you’re standing on the platform, still a little dizzy from the ride. Maybe you got off voluntarily, with excitement as well as worry buzzing in your stomach. Maybe you fell off, unable to hold on any longer. Maybe you’re bruised and weary, too afraid to even lift your gaze and have a look around.

Either way, I’m glad you’re here.

You’re probably questioning yourself and your choices right now. You’re scrutinizing the decisions you made and wonder how in the world you ended up here. How could you have gotten it so wrong? You probably feel a lot of stress. All those years (and money) you wasted, all the detours and dead ends.

Now you really must make different choices – the right choices. You must make up for lost time. There’s a longing for something else, there’s a dream and it’s calling you. You know a different life is possible and that’s where you’re going. It’s time. It’s more than time.

I know that sense of urgency, and I know the pressure that comes along with it.

Because what if you get on the wrong train again? What if you make a mistake and waste even more time? If the right train – your train – sweeps by in the other direction and you miss it.

That pressure.

But you know what? That train doesn’t exist.

That one, right train doesn’t exist. There’s an infinite number of departures, ready to allow you onboard. Your train leaves the moment you get on and have a seat.

You can’t miss your train. The track of your life cannot all of a sudden veer off beyond your reach. No mistake can leave you standing on the platform forever. No wrong decision will kick you off course.

There is no way for you to miss out on your own journey.

Consider that for a moment.

This is your journey. Right here. The step you just took, the step you’re about to take. That’s your life. It’s not a preparation leading up to your real life. Not some stray path you’re walking because you weren’t brave enough to walk your true path. This IS your true path.

But what about that massive detour you took? Could it be that it was actually the quickest way for you to get from there to here?
But why didn’t you get all this before? Could it be that you weren’t ready until now?

You are right where you need to be. This is the perfect starting point for what you’re about to do next. Even if it feels like you’re actually going backwards at this point, it will still lead you where you need to go.

You’ve come as far as you need to come, on this particular day, at this particular age. Your timing is perfect. Divine, even.

Other people have been assigned different missions; they have other insights to gather along the way, other lessons to learn. Resist the temptation to compare your journey to theirs. Resist the temptation to try and follow in their footsteps.

You’re the only one travelling this particular route and it runs through roadless country. No map available. Only the guidance of your beating heart, the very same that led you to get off that train in the first place.

All those years, all those steps. Not one of them taken in vain. Every single one of them leading you here, to this very moment, to the choices you will make from here on.

What if you just kept going like that. One foot in front of the other.

What if you can’t go wrong?


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